Dear Teachers and Librarians,


With almost twenty years of experience in the classroom, I know how important reading is to children - whether it is reading for pleasure, or as a means for acquiring knowledge.  As we have learned over the years, research shows that those children who read more are often more successful writers, gaining valuable insights into the many aspects of storywriting, and other styles of non-narrative texts.  


I also know from my time in the classroom, that another very important teaching tool is that of modelling.  As a teacher, I always enjoyed creating texts for the children in my classes, whether they were narrative or non-fiction.  I truly believed that children learn from example and therefore benefit greatly from being present at the creation of well-written stories, from the planning stage, all the way through to the sharing of the finished story. 


There is little children love more than being told an interesting and engaging story - one that is fun in some way, and that has characters that they can relate to. 


It is with all of this in mind that I set about writing the Countdown Mysteries series, and I now look forward to children everywhere being able to enjoy the stories within these books.


In addition to making my stories available to children through my books, I also offer the children the opportunity to meet me face-to-face, and to enjoy my stories first hand, when I visit schools as a travelling author and storyteller. 


If you would like to arrange such a visit, you can use my contact page here on this website, or you can email me at jonathancamm@countdownmysteries.co.uk for more information and to make all of the necessary arrangements.





Best wishes!


Jonathan Camm