There is little that children love more than being told an interesting and engaging story; one that is fun and has characters who they can relate to. My stories are suitable for children from six- to eleven-years-old and focus on a simple, engaging story line, using rich and challenging language, which will engage both native and EAL children alike. 


I am thrilled that my books are now reaching a wider audience each and every day. It’s amazing to think that so many children are now enjoying the mysteries I write. We all know that reading is crucial in the education and development of every child, and so it is a privilege for me to be part of that process.


One of the aspects of teaching that I always enjoyed tremendously was sharing stories I had written with the children in my classes. After almost twenty years of doing so in primary school classrooms, it’s great to be able to return as a visiting author and to share my Countdown Mysteries stories with the children I meet.


Following the success of my free school visits during the current school year, I am very happy to again be offering school visits for the coming school year, at no cost at all to the schools. I am now taking bookings for school visits for the remainder of the 2017/18 school year and would love to visit your school and have the opportunity to share my passion for reading and storytelling with your primary school children.


While I am not charging schools anything for my actual time during these free visits, I do incur costs when visiting schools. I have also invested a great deal of time, energy and money in writing and producing my books. This is paid for by the sale of books from my Countdown Mysteries series and I, therefore, ask for the children of the school to pre-order an agreed, minimum number of books from the first four books in the series. This has proven to be a very popular way for schools to provide their children with an exciting, educational, and memorable author visit, without eating into their budgets. (Of course, all pre-ordered books, along with any additional books purchased on the day of the visit, will be signed by the author, before or on the day of the visit if requested.) 


Your free author visit can either be a half or full day, but typically a full day visit includes four 40- to 50-minute sessions.  During the session, I share with the children my journey to becoming an author, a reading from one of my books, and a brief explanation of how one of my books is developed from the initial idea, through the planning, writing, and editing stages, to finally becoming a published book. The sessions then end with a short Q&A session. 


My experience as a primary school teacher, in the UK and in Asia, has proven invaluable during previous school author visits and has enabled me to engage and make connections with children, which in turn has enhanced their learning experiences during visits.  


Wherever you might be, for further information, or to book a visit to your school, please do not hesitate to contact me at at your earliest convenience.


I look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to visit your school during the 2017/18 school year.




Ms Lertnamwongwan - Executive Principal for Nursery and Kindergarten SISB - had this to say after a recent visit:


"The children had a wonderful time listening to you and were very excited about your adventures.

In the age where technology is leading our lives away from the simple things in life, like appreciating

reading books and using our imagination, your visit was a breath of fresh air. 

Thank you for sharing your experiences and books with us.”  


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