Just a few of the reviews of my books

Zodiac and the Missing Diamond


A brilliant book, which my daughter loved a lot.  The book is like a modern-day Secret Seven.  All the characters were very likeable and I would say that this book is perfect for both boys and girls.  I am a teacher myself and I thought that the choice of vocabulary and description throughout was fantastic and gave us a lot to talk about.

By A. Foster

Suitable for emergent fluent readers both boys and girls, this is the first in an exciting new series of detective mystery books.  I know the author and he is talented writer, with an excellent understanding of children, having worked in schools.  I will certainly be introducing his book to my current class of 8 year olds.  Looking forward to the rest of the series!

By E. Wood 

Yodelling Yolanda


We just finished reading this 2nd book in the Countdown Mysteries series and my daughter Zoe and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.  It was great to have the same returning characters - my daughter's favourite was Nine because she is so strong and confident. We really enjoyed finding out what the three kids had been up to in Anchor Bay since we finished reading Zodiac and the Missing Diamond.  We even have competitions in our house to see who can yodel the best.  Can't wait for the next book in the series!

By Beth and Zoe (UK)


Me and my brother Harry got the books with money we had for christmas.  I like the Zodiac book best because I like animals and my best character is Roly because he is really cool.  Harry likes Yodelling Yolanda better because he liked the hightech briefcase and he likes Charlie and his gagets.  We both hope number 3 comes out soon.

By Oliver and Harry (Cornwall)

Xavier's Xylophone


The Main characters are Roly, Nine and Charlie and they are the three members of the D.I.G. (Detectives & Investigators Guild).  This time the members of the D.I.G. must find their friend's precious instrument, and all before the countdown clock runs out.  Most of all I liked the part when the children chased the criminal on their bikes through the city at the end of the book.  I would recommend this book because it is very interesting and I like the extreme moments. I would give the book ten and a half stars! 

By Roman (Russian, living in Thailand)


I already read Zodiac and the Missing Diamond & Yodelling Yolanda and now I just finished Xavier's Xylophone to. My best part was when the policemen couldn't climb through the window and they fell inside. The bike chase was really cool!

By Megan (Manchester England now living in USA)

Walter's Whales


I just finished reading Walter's Whales with my eight-year-old son William and my ten-year-old daughter Beth. We read it as a shared bedtime reader and we all loved it. It was a real page-turner and we all looked forward to reading this great mystery every evening. My kids couldn't wait for bedtime to come! We are all waiting for the next book so please hurry and write it.

By Lara B (Lincolnshire, UK)


I read this book because I really enjoyed the first three countdown mysteries books and I knew this story was going to be about whales (they are my favorite animals!) I also love swimming and Roly is a great swimmer so we like the same things. I like these books because Roly, Charlie and Nine are always better than the police at solving the mysteries.

By Jayden (Florida, USA)

Vile Venom


I love this book. I love animals and my class went to the zoo last year and it was amazing. I wish I was in D.I.G. with Nine, Charlie and Roly. They have so many cool adventures together. My brother loves the gadgets that Charlie has to help them to solve the mysteries.

By Jessica (UK)


This story was so exciting! Me and my brother read it together cos we share a room. My brother wants to be like Charlie but I think Roly is cool too. We both like how they all work together and know what the others are thinking. Me and my brother are like that. We just read about the next book Unseen Unicorn and we can't wait to read that book next. 

By James & Robert (USA)

Unseen Unicorn


This is my favorite book so far. My dad has a drone and sometimes he lets me fly it. It's sooo cool! I really like these books because I learn things when I am reading them. I knew that beavers lived in rivers but I didn't know anything else about them before I read this book. Now I know so much.

By Michael (Canada)


I only used to read non-fiction books with information about things but now I love reading the countdown mysteries because they have cool stories and information in them. 

By Paul (Germany)

Thomas Tankleman


I want Charlie's gadgets. It must be cool to have all of those things. This book was fun. I liked when Charlie used his Mr Ear to hear people talking. He is like a real spy. 

By Louis (France)


This book was sad and exciting at the same time. I was so happy that they could help Thomas to solve the mystery about his wife. They must be so clever because the police and even Thomas couldnt solve this one and they are all grown ups.

By Emily (London, UK)

Sleeping Samurai


I have just finished reading Sleeping Samura with my Year 5 class and we loved it. The children like how Roly, Charlie and Nine read books by their favourite author, Thomas Tankleman, and his stories help them to solve their own mysteries in Anchor Bay. I like the way the author includes lots of interesting information and facts in his books. The children in my class love learning about things as we are reading these exciting stories.

By Ms Frogett (UK)


This book is great and so cool. I also learned about old Japanese houses too! I love that there are lots of clues in the story and I could try to solve the mystery before the end of the book just like the three kids do with the books they read. 

By Abigail (USA)

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