1  Upcoming books


Check out the four new and exciting adventures in the Countdown Mysteries™ series.



3  Colouring Activies


Get ready to add your own artistic flair with illustrations created to accompany two of the Countdown Mysteries™. These two exciting colouring activity books are available now from the online store on this website.

5  Blogtastic Blog!


Check out the Blog page on this website. It's  written especially for you.  

2  Online Store Is Now Open on this website


Why not visit the Countdown Mysteries Online Store. You can now buy the first four Countdown Mystery books directly from this website. Why not take a look and treat yourself, or someone you know, to the books of the Countdown Mysteries™ series? 


4  School author visits are now available


I am now taking bookings for more school visits here in Thailand. If you are interested in me visiting your school, don't wait a moment longer. Let your teacher know and ask them to go straight to the School Visits page on this website.

6  Reading Activities for Kids and Grownups


Being able to read these exciting new books is great, but so that you and your grownups can get so much more out the books, I aim to develop a selection of educational reading activities especially for you to do together.