When I was a child I loved having stories told or read to me and today's children are no different. All children love an interesting and engaging story; one that is fun and has characters who they can relate to. My stories are suitable for children from six- to twelve-years-old and focus on a simple, engaging storyline, but that's not all. They are jam-packed with rich and challenging language, exciting adventures, intriguing mysteries, high tech gadgets, and three returning main characters who children can all relate to. All of this combines to make stories that will engage both native English speakers and EAL children alike. 


I am thrilled that my books are reaching an audience that is growing each and every day. It’s amazing to think that so many children are now enjoying my mysteries all over the world.


We all know that reading is crucial in the education and development of every child and that children who read more make better writers, so I consider it a privilege for me to be part of that process with my stories. 


One of the aspects of teaching that I always enjoyed tremendously was sharing stories I had written, with the children in my classes. After almost twenty years of doing so in primary school classrooms, it’s great to be able to return as a visiting author and to share my Countdown Mysteries with the children I meet.


Following the success of my free school visits over the last two years, I am very happy to still be offering school visits at no cost at all to schools. I am now taking bookings for school visits for the remainder of the 2019/20 school year, and would love to visit your school and have the opportunity to share my passion for reading and storytelling with the children in your school.


I now have four different visit Formats - and they are all free! 

I am now able to offer four different school visit formats. The only thing that remains is for you to decide which of them best suits your needs, or will you choose to take advantage of all of them?

Visit 1 (Primary/Elementary School)

My journey to becoming an author 

If you choose this visit format, the visit can either be a half or full day. Typically a full day visit includes four 45- to 50-minute sessions.  During each session, I share with the children my journey to becoming an author, a reading from one of my books, and an explanation of how one of my books is developed from the initial idea, through the planning, writing, and editing stages, and to finally becoming a published book. The sessions then end with a short Q&A session. 

Visit 2 (Primary/Elementary School)

How to write a great story  

This visit is ideal for schools I have already visited. As with Visit 1, you are entitled to up to four, 45- to 50-minute sessions. Again, these four sessions can be enjoyed at any time during the school day. When you choose to have the sessions is really whatever works best for you!  During each session, I share more stories of my journey to becoming an author and follow that with a reading from another one of my exciting books. I then share my top tips for writing a great story, so that children of all writing abilities can improve their writing. The session concludes with a fun Q&A session. 

Visit 3 (Secondary/High School)

How I turned my passion into a career 

As with visit format 1, this visit can either be a half or full day, but typically a full day visit includes four 50- to 60-minute sessions.  During each session, I share with the students how I transformed my passion for writing into a successful writing career, and how and why I took the exciting step into the world of self-publishing. I share how I created an online blog, and how a fateful backpacking trip to New Zealand led me to write a popular travelogue of my exciting experiences. I then share a chapter from my travelogue, before ending the session with a short Q&A session. 

Visit 4 (Primary/Elementary School)

Countdown Collaboration - Writing workshop

Unlike Visits 1 & 2, this visit definitely requires a whole day and includes four 50- to 60-minute writing workshop sessions. Over the course of the four sessions, groups of children* will take part in a series of writing workshops and will work collaboratively with each other, and with me, to plan and write the beginnings of a new Countdown Mystery story. Workshops will include using the art of alliteration to create an exciting and imaginative new story title, generating detailed and accurate character profiles of the story's main characters to aid with the story writing, producing a detailed story hill plan for the new mystery story, and then writing a short story that I can then use to create a brand new mystery**.


* Please note: The groups of children taking part in the four writing workshops need not necessarily be the same children taking part in all four sessions, and can also vary in age and writing ability. This will allow a greater number of children and a variety of year groups to take part in this exciting new visit format. 


**On returning home, after the visit, I will use the short story created by the students and myself, as the basis for writing a special edition Countdown 'Collaboration' Mystery, which will then be printed and made into a book that the children will be able to purchase as a memento of the visit.

A testimonial from a recent visit

Ms Lertnamwongwan - Executive Principal for Nursery and Kindergarten SISB - had this to say after a recent visit:


"The children had a wonderful time listening to you and were very excited about your adventures.

In the age where technology is leading our lives away from the simple things in life, like appreciating

reading books and using our imagination, your visit was a breath of fresh air. 

Thank you for sharing your experiences and books with us.”  


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