Until now, my books have been sold only on Amazon websites.  For some of my readers around the world the shipping costs when buying my books from these websites have been just too high.  As an author I wanted to do something about this issue, so I decided to have a stock of my books with me.  This way my readers would then have the choice of buying the books directly from me and taking advantage of the much lower shipping costs.


As some of you will know, I ran a crowd funding campaign for five weeks earlier this year, during September and October. The purpose of the campaign was to raise funds, which would then enable me to have a large quantity of my books printed, creating a stock that I could sell from my own website and during visits to schools.  


I am happy to say that the contributors to my crowd funding campaign helped me to raise sufficient funds to have a stock of my books printed and these have now been shipped to me here in Asia.


To show my appreciation to all of the fantastic and generous contributors to my campaign, I have added this page as a way of saying thank you for their generosity and much needed contributions.



The contributions were in the following categories:

This reward included 4 Limited Edition signed books and 2 Activity Books, plus the contributor's name on the acknowledgement page of a book.

A GIGANTIC Thank You goes to the following contributors:

This reward included 4 Limited Edition signed books plus 2 Activity Books.

A MASSIVE Thank You goes to the following contributors:

With this reward, contributors bought one book for a child in their life, and one to be gifted to a friend’s child.

A HUGE Thank You goes to:



With this reward, contributors bought a signed book for a child in their life.

A BIG Thank You goes to: