Doggy Wagons and Umbrellas

I try to go to the beach every day if I can. I’ve always loved the beach. It’s one of the reasons I came to live here in Hua Hin, instead of Bangkok. I feel relaxed and happy whenever I go to the beach. I think it’s all that water. There is something very relaxing about watching the waves breaking on the shore, and hearing them lapping gently on the sand.

kite surf 2.jpg

I love big powerful waves, and I love to go surfing. I love to lie on a surfboard and let a large wave push me along, feeling the power of the wave propelling me towards the beach. Sadly, the waves here in Hua Hin are very small, and there is no surfing, unless you count kite surfing.

Well, the waves may not be very strong here, but the wind along our beach blows a gale. At this time of year, on very windy days, the sky is full of huge, brightly coloured kites, with people standing on small surfboards zipping across the surface of the ocean as their enormous kites drag them along.

You can see some crazy things at the beach if you’re observant. I always thought it was very funny when I saw people in the United States and Europe carrying their little dogs around in special little doggy-handbags, but a few weeks ago I saw a group of people who were taking a bunch of tiny dogs to the beach, in two luxury trolleys.

dog wagon2.jpg
dog wagon3.jpg


Then, a few days ago I was walking along the beach when I saw a young woman carrying her pet in a shoulder bag and I began to chuckle to myself at the thought of another pampered pooch being carried in a doggy bag. But then on closer inspection, I saw that this was no cheeky Chihuahua. Instead it was a beautiful white cockatoo.

The lady’s name was Ae and her bird was called Ahom. She told me that it was actually called an umbrella cockatoo. As Ahom sat on his owner’s leg, and proudly preened his feathers, Ae turned to me and said, “He’s always happy here; he loves it at the beach.” I had to smile. Well, I can’t argue with that!

I've seen some strange things on beaches, but there is one thing I'd love to know... What’s the strangest thing that you’ve ever seen on the beach? Why not leave a comment and tell us about it?

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