It's a purple day here in Thailand!

If you visit or live in Thailand it’s hard not to notice the mass of pictures of the Thai King and Queen everywhere you go. Bhumibol Adulyadej, the King of Thailand, also known as Rama IX, and his wife Queen Sirikit are loved by everyone in this country and it is probably to fair to say that every home has framed photographs of the beloved royals on its walls. It doesn’t end there either; you can’t drive far down any road in this nation without seeing a larger-than-life size photograph of the much beloved King and Queen standing magnificently on the central reservation of roads or in other prominent positions on the roadside.

When it was the King of Thailand’s birthday back in December 2014, special yellow T-shirts commemorating the occasion were on sale in every street for weeks beforehand. Everyone bought one; they really do love their king here in Thailand!

teenagers wear yellow.jpg

A young boys proudly holds up a framed photgraph of his beloved King of Thailand.

boy holds photo to King.jpg

Teenagers wearing the yellow T-shirts to

celebrate the King of Thaland's birthday

in December 2014

It’s now April and the incredibly popular Songkran water festival is fast approaching. Every year the Thai population look forward to this huge festival, but not before they have celebrated the birthday of their other favourite royal. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s birthday is today and the Thais are going crazy. Born in 1955, this year their beloved princess celebrates her 60th birthday. It’s a very exciting day for Thais!

princess photo.png

Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

purple T-shirts for sale.jpg

The Thais love their festivals and Songkran is no exception. Many Thais will throw themselves wholeheartedly into the festival and will dress up in brightly coloured Hawaiian style shirts and shorts for the festival… and much, much more. But as excited as they may be about the upcoming Songkran festival, their special Hawaiian shorts and shirts will stay safely tucked away in their drawers until after today.

Purple T-shirts on sale everywhere

Today is about the nation's favourite princess. Of course, T-shirt makers here in Thailand have been in an absolute frenzy and have created a variety of T-shirt designs to help the population celebrate the special birthday of their favourite princess.

Apparently, sales of the special celebratory purple T-shirts have gone through the roof and many Thais will have bought several different designs so that they can wear them throughout the month of April to show their love and devotion for this favourite and incredibly popular princess.

If you haven’t bought a commemorative purple T-shirt I would advise you to stay indoors because you’re going to look right out of place. Only an April fool would be seen out today in anything other than a nice purple T-shirt!

Anyway, gotta go, I’m off to the market to buy a new T-shirt. Can you guess what colour it is?

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