As well as reading the BLOGS on the website, you can now catch the videos I make right here... 




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1. The Books Have Arrived


Watch as we open up the first package of books, hot from the presses. A very exciting moment!

2. The First Book Signing


The camera was rolling again as I was signing copies of books for my lovely crowd funding contributors. What a great way to spend an evening!

3. Packing the First Shipment of Books for Customers


Enrolling the help of my #1 book-packing assistant, watch as we make easy work of bubble wrapping and packing the box of books before shipping them off to their new owners around the world.  

4. How to Make a Deliciously      

  Healthy Snack in 15 minutes!


OK, it's not about writing, but everyone needs to eat snacks! With the help of my beautiful kitchen assistant, watch as we demonstrate how to make a deliciously healthy snack (with no oven) in just 15 minutes... ummn scrumptious!